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Riel Made For TV Movie

The Queen's Own Rifles were involved in the expedition to the west to subdue the rebellion fostered by Louis Riel who was seen as a rebel at the time and a murderer of a British representative.

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In 1979, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation produced a two-part television drama called Riel(directed by George Bloomfield, screenplay by Ray Moore). In the malleable tradition of the Riel myth, the series presented Riel as fighting against Ontario fanaticism that would lead ultimately to separation, and fighting for official bilingualism, as the panacea for Canadian cultural differences.


The pool in the castle was used as a mental home's snake pit environment in which  Riel had been imprisoned and other parts of the castle were used, including the stables for the film.

Performing in this film was a stellar cast including:Christopher Plummer, Raymond Cloutier, Arthur Hill, William Shatner and Leslie Nielsen. 


Some saw the film as an attempt at the reinterpretation of events.



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