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Sir Henry Pellatt:


King of Casa Loma

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Discussion Questions

Its location and its terrain have shaped Canada’s history, like the history of any other country. How have Canada’s natural resources and beauty shaped and influenced Canadian history?

Henry Pellet, the builder of Casa Loma, was known as “Henry the Plunger.” Why was he called by this name? What did it reveal about his personality?

What is the literal translation of the term Casa Loma? What was unique or special about the contruction of Casa Loma?

Discuss the architecture of Casa Loma. Why was the design so unique? How does Canadian history appear in the structure? What are the European influences? How important was E.J. Lennox in the makeup of the city and its classic profiles?

How did Casa Loma become a tourist attraction?

How were great fortunes of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries made. How are these success stories a product of their times or a matter of being “at the right place at the right time?"

How is nutrition different from today? Consider the growing and gathering of food, what was grown, how it was kept fresh, incidence of  contamination and spoilage, use of curing techniques and development of freezing and cold storage.


Extended Activities

Design a Griffin to guard over your “castle” such as the ones that overlooked and protected Casa Loma.

Design your own castle. How would your castle reflect your tastes and lifestyles? What would your castle have that would make it uniquely yours?  (From AandE)




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