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Sir Henry Pellatt:


King of Casa Loma

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James Austin's home Spadina, is located directly to the northeast of Casa Loma.

The name was derived from the Indian word Ishapadenah, meaning 'little hill.' In 1889 Austin, founder of both the Bank of Commerce and the Dominion Bank and president of the Consumer's Gas Company, subdivided the land on the hill. He sold half of the 80-acre property that he had bought for $14,200, 23 years earlier for more than $200,000 and he still retained 40 acres for his own needs.

Fifteen of Austin's lots were sold to Sir Henry for his country home and stables and the rest for development. His home was miles to the south in what was then the city. He first built the stables and then followed with what was his country home. The Castle construction came a few years later. All are now and have long been at the heart of the city, whose borders now extend for about 20 miles beyond.

It is interesting to note that part of Austin's wealth came from gas while Pellatt's was developing his wealth from a competing source of lighting and energy, electricity.




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