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Sir Henry Pellatt:


King of Casa Loma

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According to one of Sir Henry's many gardeners Sir Henry loved size, colour, and good things to eat. George Thompson said he loved the showiest in plants and flowers, the biggest peaches, grapes, melons and strawberries as well as the many other kinds of fruits and vegetables that could be produced in the gardens and greenhouses.

cus10064.jpg (230820 bytes)His chrysanthemums were large and extraordinary and prize winning and he collected and raised orchids.

As a renaissance man Sir Henry was very much involved in the raising of produce and the presentation of flowers and these became part of his overflowing larder and contributed to the annual awards that everyone of money and property sought.

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Apart from the gardens and farm at his King estate property about 30 miles north of Toronto, he had a large rectangular plot of land between Walmer Road and Spadina, some of it enclosed by a five-foot-high iron fence.

The western half of this area was cultivated as a vegetable and fruit garden. The eastern part contained a cowshed, a large poultry house, several other smaller buildings, and a number of cages containing Canada geese, pheasants, a horned owl, black squirrels, turkeys, and such. A solitary cow, a source of fresh cream, milk and butter, contentedly grazed on the remaining piece of property.




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