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Sir Henry Pellatt:


King of Casa Loma

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Third Floor

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Queen's Own Rifles Museum: Sir Henry was a passionate and decimated supporter of the Queen's Own Rifles and when he commanded the regiment he lavished funds on them, much as do some other countries. Sir Henry practically created the regiment's band and often used them to entertain at the castle. In 1910 her took the full regiment, more than 600 men, who England for the military games at a cost of close to $90,000 at a time when a suite cost about five dollars. There are a number of gems on this floor, including a panoramic photograph that has the same person at each end of the group of people. The display includes Pellatt's Medals and early pictures of the regiment and one time included some artifacts from Louis Riel who was hung as a rebel and murder.

Towers: For the adventurous climbers there are two towers. On the east is the enclosed Norman Tower which offers the highest view from the property. On the west is the open Scottish Tower where you can get a panoramic view of the entire area. You can see the heraldic figures of the lion and unicorn on the peaks of the castle, the country home and stables where there is a squirrel holding a nut. Each figure possessed some admirable character trait.



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