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Sir Henry Pellatt:


King of Casa Loma

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Sir Henry's draft horses, huge Clydesdales and Percherons, won many prizes, and the awards earned by all his animals, his flowers, and his produce, practically covered one entire wall of the stables,  the trophies collected filled a room.

The stables were a truly impressive part of Sir Henry's image. The red and green colours of the Queen's Own were everywhere, a plaque to the QOR decorated one exterior wall, and the initials were laid out in flowers in a flower bed.

The Pellatt coat of arms; lions with stone lemmings chasing each other around a cone, and collection of heraldic figures, one sketch by Lennox shown below,  were included in the unique design of the stables.

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The horses' coats were brushed until they shone. Their manes were carefully cropped and tails braided and adorned with ribbons. The names of these pampered mounts were engraved on brass (or gold) plates and placed at the head of the Spanish mahogany stalls. Casa Loma Belle, Price Highgate, Casa Loma Squire, Casa Loma Watchman, King Edward and Storm King   were some of those mounts.


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Lord Kitchener was a registered hackney that had never been beaten in a show ring, and Indian Chief was a six-year-old chestnut. The Widow, was the only Canadian-bred horse in the stables and was Sir Henry's favourite mount.

Sir Henry often had a horse saddled up and went for horse rides around the Casa Loma neighborhood and especially up at his MaryLake estate in King, north of Toronto. Staff recalled that  the horse would often wander back later with Sir Henry asleep in the saddle.



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