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Sir Henry Pellatt:


King of Casa Loma

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A walk through the castle covering three stories, two towers, 98 rooms, basement, tunnel and stables, but no dungeon, takes about two hours and covers about a mile and a quarter.
The castle contains about 20,000 sq. feet, and only two people, Sir Henry Pellatt and his first wife, Mary (Dodgson) lived there. Their son Reginald was married before the castle was built and he lived across the street in the Hunting Lodge.
The castle took thee years and involved about 300 men and cost more than $3 million. When it was built it was in the country.
Children often think  this is a real castle, a real working medieval castle. It is not, and Sir Henry and Lady Pellatt were not king and queen.
Three concrete animal figures sit on the peaks of the roofs; the lion, unicorn and squirrel.. They each represent different  qualities.
The castle was equipped with the most progressive of elements of the time; a central vacuum system, extensive lighting, indirect lighting, refrigeration, and indoor laundry.
When Sir Henry was born his father was bankrupt. When Sir Henry died he was broke and living with his chauffeur.
In 1879, when he was 20, Sir Henry  set the world record for running the mile in a New York competition.
Sir Henry made fortunes from investing in western land development, electrical and hydro power development, and northern mining.
The City of Toronto took Casa Loma for back taxed of about $33,000 in 1933 years after Sir Henry had relinquished control and after no buyers were found.
The fireplace in the Great Hall came from the dining room.
No nails were used in the flooring and Sir Henry would walk over the floor in slippers and would have the wood ripped up if there was so much as a squeak. Constructing the floor without nails or screws made it less likely for the floor to squeak anyway.
the stone work was done by Scottish stone masons. The wall surrounding the property was completed first of all. Architect E.J. Lennox selected and sounded each of the approximately 250,000 stones to make certain they were of the right color and strength. One story is that $1 was paid for each stone brought in and many came from the ballast of chips. A story about the placing of a white-faced stone, the only white-faced stone in the entire stretch of wall, was a story.
Flower beds (ferneries) on each side of the conservatory are heated by a system of steam pipes.
In his prime, Sir Henry was worth about $17 million.
Sir Henry was six foot in height and weighed more than 200 pounds. At the time being six foot put him in a rare category, although being 200 pounds didn't.
Lady Pellatt died a year after they had to leave Casa Loma.
Both Sir Henry's and Lady Pellatt's washrooms contained bidets.
Some of the last pieces to be installed on the castle were the heraldic figures, the lion and unicorn. At the top of the stable tower is another figure, a squirrel holding a nut. These figures represent Courage/Royalty, Imagintion/Fantasy, and Industry/Saving.
During WW11, the stables and carriage house were used by Corman Engineering Ltd., to assemble the radar used to detect submarines.


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