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Sir Henry Pellatt:


King of Casa Loma

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Pellatt's lived during the sometimes difficult transition between animal to mechanical transportation, when horses were seen as work forces as well as ornamentation. The first automobile Pellatt bought for his own use was a "a car with no doors," and he later owned several cars, including an open-topped, seven passenger Royal Tourist which he bought in 1907.

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This four cylinder, forty-five horsepower automobile had extra folding seats attached to the sides of the tonneau, and was equipped with a battery for electric lights. The chassis was composed of chrome nickel steel throughout and the body was painted a "buster green with red stripes"--the Queen's Own Rifles Colours.


In spite of Pellatt's fascination with cars and horses and in spite of his rather generous girth in later life, he was still an avoid walker and was proud of having a strong constitution.



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