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Sir Henry Pellatt:


King of Casa Loma

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Opening Up The Falls

When the tunnels were being constructed to direct water through the penstocks to the generators at the face of the falls,  Pellatt's electrical company had a little difficulty clearing the opening under the lip of the falls. What they eventually had to do was muscle crates of dynamite, along the face of the falls under crushing curtain of water flowing over the falls to the opening.

The spray was blinding in its intensity and gusts of wind and compressed air that resulted from the intense pressure of the waterfall almost forced the two engineers carrying the explosive on their backs to the ground, but they persisted. And even though they were bundled up tightly in rubber boots, rubber trousers, oil-skin coats with their arm and leg openings strapped tightly, and  waterproof hoods tied tightly around their heads, they were soaked through to the skin. They were cold and wet and the conditions were miserable.

After repeated trips they placed about 8,000 pounds of dynamite around the opening chaining the boxes together to prevent them from being washed away. When they set off the dynamite, the resulting explosion  was heard and felt far inland. It worked though, clearing  the remaining obstructions and paving the way for the completion of the power plant, which still exists today a few hundred feet above the falls, although it was eventually put out of service about 20 years ago after the walls of the penstocks seriously caved.. 



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