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Sir Henry Pellatt:


King of Casa Loma

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The design of the castle was a combination of dream, fantasy and study. Essentially it is a hodge podge, collection of elements gathered by Sir Henry and translated through the skilled hands of architect E. J. Lennox who relished the task.
The structure was soon criticized as being pretentious and confused, a bad mixture of medieval styles. Of course there was the readily recognizable Normal and Scottish towers, but others saw English, Irish, Italian and Rhenish influences as well. To some the palatial mansion was French-baronial--a combination of French Chateau and Scottish Baronial. To another it was a mixture of seventeenth century Scottish Baronial and 20th Century-Fox.
Certainly the medieval styles took root in the imagination of a royalist such as Sir Henry. A self-professed student of architecture, he was said to have sketched parts of castles he had seen in England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Italy, where he had the chance to observe and  examine many fortresses and castle on one of his youthful tours.
It is interesting that many of the new royalty in the new world tried to drag some of the elements of the old world to their new grounds. In effect they tried to assume the positions and stature that would have been denied to them in the land of their ancestors to a land they came to primarily for economic reasons.


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