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Sir Henry Pellatt:


King of Casa Loma

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Photos of 1910 


QOR :The Queen's Own

cus10030.jpg (88346 bytes)The Queen's Own came out of what were called the sedentary militia. "They were not armed, uniformed, paid or trained. On one day a year, initially on June 4, the birthday of King George III, and later on April 23, St. George's Day, they mustered, went through a few drill movements, gave three cheers for the Queen, and then proceeded, at the Commanding Officer's expense, to some really serious drinking."


Sir Henry's trip to England in 1911 to take part in the war games was a significant political gesture. It showed the world that the Empire was still a force to be reckoned with and the colonies could be called on to support any venture of the motherland.

After being involved in a number of domestic skirmishes the Queen's Own  became an active regiment and  later on, were involved in the First and Second World Wars.



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