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Sir Henry Pellatt:


King of Casa Loma

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Riel MTVM 


Movies at Casa Loma

X-Men Caveman's Valentine
Extreme Measures Skulls II
Darkman Global Heresy
Johnny Mnemonic Maximum Risk
RoboCop 54
National Lampoon Tuxedo
Skulls Chicago
Possessed Blizzard

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In 1979, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation produced a two-part television drama called Riel(directed by George Bloomfield, screenplay by Ray Moore) The stables and pool were used in the production.


America's Castles: The Canadians:

An 1996 an Arts and Entertainment production  featured Casa Loma and Parkwood, Col. Sam McLaughlin's estate in Oshawa. One is a 98-room fantasy abandoned by its owners after a decade. The other, a technological marvel years ahead of its time. Highlighting the most prestigious castles in Canada, this program goes on a behind-the-scenes tour of Casa Loma and Parkwood Estate. America's Castles: The Canadians would be useful for classes on Canadian History, Architecture, Canadian Culture, Science and Technology, and Geography. It is appropriate for middle school and high school.


The Return of Eliot Ness:

A movie released in 1991 was shot at the castle and around the stables. It starred  Robert Stack who died in May 2003. Story line: though Prohibition is over and his arch-enemy Al Capone has gone toes-up, Eliot Ness is forced back into action to keep the streets of Chicago safe from the mob bosses and America's most dangerous criminals. Also starring Charles Durning, shown in the photograph.




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