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Sir Henry Pellatt:


King of Casa Loma

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Castle Grounds

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1-Tunnel: Children (of all ages)love the tunnel because, of course,  it leads to dungeons and maybe even  dragon lairs. We know better don't we? It leads to the cottage across the street and the stables and served as a service corridor. Consider that tons of metal ride overhead day after day for a hundred years and it has held up admirably. At certain points along the 800 foot length there is a great echo. It's a good place to sing.


2-Stables: Sir Henry treated his horses well, which is understandable considering their importance for work, and when you had more than enough money, for show. The grooms lived in the "bothy" in the multileveled tower.

3-Connecting rooms: Potting sheds,cus10068.jpg (237666 bytes) display rooms, greenhouses, bedrooms for single staff, storage and mushroom rooms.

4-Greenhouses and potting shed. The potting shed has been cleaned up and is now part of the tour. Sir Henry liked to visit and when he was coming through a table would be set with tea, coffee, sandwiches and sherry.


5-Castle green, ground and gardens. It was well tended during the ten year term of tenancy by the Pellatts but fell into disrepair and went wild for many decades. During that time it was home to counter culture denizens in the 60s and 70s and the occasional street person after that, but the walls offered a bit of challenge. The area of gardens north of the castle was covered by low rise apartment blocks.



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