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Sir Henry Pellatt:


King of Casa Loma

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Ghosts of Casa Loma

We are led to believe, by those who are in the know of ghosts, those who hunt down and stalk them with obvious relish,  that ghosts usually represent the spirits of departed who have unfinished business to deal with, such as being murdered in an untimely fashion, concern about where they buried their gold ingots, neglect to put down the toilet seat and so on, things that continue to tie them to the corporeal world and prevent them from finally crossing over to the spiritual realm.

Casa Loma doesn't seem to have any of those ethereal beings, the closest comes in the form of the itinerant spiritualist who used to bunk down in the stable tower and conduct black magic under the flicker of a number of candles, until the tower went up in a roman candle-like pillar of flame.

SmallCastlePicture10013.jpg (24488 bytes)The nearest you might get to a  troubled spirit would be Lady Pellatt, the first lady Pellatt, who is still a bit of an enigma. She was often sick and seemed to be an extremely  private person who was forced to engage in many public affairs There are indications she was uncomfortable at these events and often found excuses to avoid them, was unsteady, walked with a cane and had a liver disease. She may have even been upset with her husband's apparent imbibing, flirting, philandering and may have been so disgtraught at being forced from the castle she may have shot herself 'accidentally'. On top of that she was replaced less than two years after her death by a long time family friend.

If anyone had reason enough  to haunt, she'd be the one. cus10010.jpg (134470 bytes)

But then, she'd certainly have to be accompanied by the old man himself. After climbing the mountain, no, after practically building the mountain   himself and living like a king, he looses it all and ends up living in a room in a two bedroom wartime house owned by his chauffeur!

Sir Henry, too,  has the right, maybe even  the duty, to haunt something or somebody.



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