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Sir Henry Pellatt:


King of Casa Loma

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When Lady Pellatt hosted some 250 Guides at Casa Loma, the seven- to twenty-one-year-old girls revelled in the "feast of floral beauty" laid out before them. The Evening Telegram noted that when the girls had exhausted themselves of the conservatory, as they did in short order, they raced through the underground passage which led to the stables, and generally had a run of the place.


This was one of many shows that would take place at the castle, hosted and paid for by Sir Henry. However, the biggest show, the visitation of royalty never occurred and the castle never became the home of the lieutenant-governor which would have definitely made him feel complete.


Pellatt often had people over for evenings of entertainment, grand meals and musical entertainment, often by the orchestra of the Queen's Own, but by far the largest shows took place a few miles away at the Exhibition Grounds and these were the grand pageants that involved displays and thousands of participants.

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