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Sir Henry Pellatt:


King of Casa Loma

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Wine Cellar: In a fairly sophisticated apparatus, ammonia and brine-filled pipes chilled Sir Henry's collection of more than a thousand bottles of wine, a great number of them Champagne, his drink of preference and fitting his grand posturing. A stairway directly connected Sir Henry's office to the wine cellar.

Tunnel: The 800-foot long tunnel which runs diagonally under the western parking lot and roadway, was designed to connect the castle with the heating system and services located in the stables and greenhouses. This tunnel, called a "subway," is 18-feet under the roadway and your walk took you past the huge furnaces that consumed more than 800-tons of coal a year, boilers and the cottage. The greenhouses, stables, carriage room, gardeners and stable workers living quarters were located there. Vegetables, exotic flowers were grown in the ground level greenhouses and mushrooms were grown in the larger basement  rooms below the stables, where the horses created the manure that would be used for growing .

Carriage Room: The large room held carriages,  most horse drawn and then the horseless variety.

Stables: Horses were treated well. The ornate structure of the stables had its own style was built to go along with the cottage/summer home and completed in 1906, four years before the castle structure was started. The windows over the stalls were designed to keep out drafts, and the stall walls were outfitted with Spanish mahogany with Spanish glazed tiles set on the floors.  Sir Henry's prized white stallion Prince occupied stall No. 1 and was first in Sir Henry's admiration. This horse was so highly regarded, a set of wooden false teeth were made for him when he lost his own teeth.

Bowling Alley: The Cafeteria and Gift Shop were the locations of the entertainment areas and housed an exercise room and bowling alleys and shooting range. A swimming pool at the end of the hallway was never completed and has been used in a few films(including one on Riel) and was the site of Santa Claus during one Christmas celebration.





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