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This is an introductory profile on Charles(Carlie) Oreskovich.

As a senior communicator and journalist who has written a widely-used biography on Sir Henry Pellatt, creator of Casa Loma and numerous articles, Mr. Oreskovich is intimately involved in writing, publishing, promotions and communications.

As a writer he is adept at finding and pinpointing information and getting the facts—and he can do so in a competent and professional way. He has worked on both sides of the journalistic fence, having presented material to the media and been a participant in media programs and he knows how to satisfy both elements.

Mr. Oreskovich has written for a number of publications, from newspapers to journals, covering everything from court to technology, recently focusing on technological pieces, developing computer skills and editing publications.

As a freelance writer he has written short stories, three and a half novels, and many feature articles for publications such as enRoute Magazine, Financial Post, Hamilton Spectator, Toronto Computes,, Ottawa Citizen, Weekend, Canadian, Board of Trade Business Journal, Macleans, Leisureways, and others. He has won an honourable mention in a Writer’s Digest competition. The biography he wrote on Sir Henry Pellatt: King of Casa Loma, which was published by McGraw-Hill Ryerson, was excerpted in the Toronto Star and reprinted in paperback in 1996 has steady sales over the years.

Mr. Oreskovich has prepared a directory and a magazine startup for Publishing International and was an editor of a metro Toronto area daily newsletter for the Toronto Real Estate Board (a two-page publication, 25,000 copies of which were published four times a week), editor of an in-house publication of Canadian Pittsburgh Industries, editor of a Toronto Venture Capital Corporation publication and reporter-photographer for the Orillia Packet newspaper. While writing freelance pieces from Orillia he was a broadcast reporter-announcer for CFOR Radio.  

As well he has written articles for the Ontario government’s Hydro Hydroscope, wrote up an Ontario Hydro special project, developed the Casa Loma guide program, wrote speeches for the Ministry of the Solicitor General, Communications Branch, and Ministry of Skills Development, Communications Branch and Ministry of the Solicitor General, Communications Branch.

He has also shown an ability to adjust writing styles to different media, is capable of writing for various publications, from newspapers to journals, covering all varieties of news. As a skilled researcher, he can quickly turn research into results and present them successfully. He is a motivated and dedicated professional, able to excel in a fast paced environment, possessing strong organizational and project management skills, a proficient ability to obtain and manage contacts and possessing an entrepreneurial spirit demonstrated through various independent projects.

As a prize-winning photographer, he has taken photographs that complement and enhance his written work. His interest and participation in art has been put to good use as a photographer and also shows up in his layouts.

However, he can't walk on water.

The subtext to all Mr. Oreskovich’s work is his determined objective to make all of the material he works on informative, attractive and entertaining. You can get in touch with Mr. Oreskovich at :905-842-2929, 1969 Glenada Cres., Oakville, Ontario, L6K 4M8.



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