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Sir Henry Pellatt:


King of Casa Loma

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Niagara Power 



1900, November 5. C Company of the Queen's Own Rifles returned to Toronto from South Africa.

1901 QOR used as workers when the street car employees of the company owned by Pellatt and others went on strike.

1901 Duke of York visited Canada

cus10062.jpg (216549 bytes)1901 Pellatt involved in the start of Brazilian Light and Traction Company with a 40 year monopoly. This company became Brascan.

1901-1902 HMP became the Commanding Officer of the Queen's Own.

1901, January 22. Queen Victoria died ending a 63 year reign. Succeeded by Edward VII.

1901, October 11. The Duke of Cornwall and York and the Duchess (later King George V and Queen Mary) visited Toronto. A white charger used by HRH was lent to the Duke for use while in Canada. He expressed his interest in the horse, but to no avail.

1901, October 13. HMP's mother Emma Mary Pellatt died.

1902 HMP is in command of 600 QOR troops which were sent to the Coronation of King Edward VII. They missed the coronation when it was rescheduled from June 27 to August 9.. QOR had to return on July 3. HMP paid for the QOR Bugle Band to attend the event.cus10049.jpg (194440 bytes)

1902 HMP spoke out against the prohibition referendum.

1903 US wins a dispute with Canada over a boundary dispute in Alaska, in which Britain is the third member of a tribunal.

1903 Orville and Wilbur Wright conduct the first US powered flight near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

1904 Fire destroyed most of the downtown Toronto business section.

1904, October 1 QOR travelled to Buffalo as guests of the 74th Regiment, National Guard.

1905 74th Regiment, National Guard visited Toronto and encamped on the Garrison Common.

1905 HMP received a knighthood and became Sir Henry.

1906 The stables of proposed country home on Spadina Avenue, north of Davenport Road completed.

1906, April 26. Lieutenant General Pellatt took 891 men to New York city for a military tournament in Madison Square Gardens.

1906 A Royal Commission on Insurance shows just how Sir Henry wheels and deals with the funds of the company.

1906, April 18. San Francisco is in ruins following an earthquake.

1906 The Niagara Power Company was formed to transmit power to Toronto.

1907 The stock market crashed.

1907, January 28. Sir Henry promoted to rank of Colonel.

1907 Created a Knight Bachelor in the King's New Years Honor list.

1908, February 4. QOR chapter Imperial Order, Daughters of the Empire formed. In November the Pellatt's  entertained the regiment at a party and fun fair at the castle.

1908 QOR battalion attends the Quebec Tercentenary.

cus10070.jpg (99492 bytes)1908, October 14. Reginald Pellatt marries Marjorie Carlyle Perry at the Bloor St. Presbyterian church  and they retire to 26 Prince Arthur Avenue.

1909, July 24 Sir Henry's father dies..

1909 E. J. Lennox went to court to get money from the City of Toronto for what he felt he was owed for the construction of a City Hall.





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