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Sir Henry Pellatt:


King of Casa Loma

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cus10006.jpg (16920 bytes)1830, Feb. 25. Henry Pellatt Sr. born Glasgow, Scotland.

1836, Feb. 17 Emma Mary Holland born in Peterborough, Ontario.

1850, approx. Henry Pellatt was in Kingston, working in the Bank of British North America.

1855, April 1 Mary Kate Pellatt born in Kingston

1856, Dec. 7 Marian Maria Pellatt born in Kingston.

1857, Nov.2. Janice Dodgson and John Shields married.

1854, Henry Pellatt joined the Bank of Upper Canada in Toronto.

1859, January 6. Henry Pellatt (Jr.HMP) born in Kingston

1859, September. Family moved to Toronto.

1861 Henry  schooled at the Model School and briefly at Upper Canada College

1861 US Civil War begins with the attack on Ft. Sumter in South Carolina, April 12.

1862. November 1 Emily Mounord Pellatt born in Toronto

1863 Mill Pellatt. Henry Pellatt's father and H.M. Pellatt's grandfather died.

1864 Henry Pellatt let go from Bank of Upper Canada after 10 years.

1866 Bank of Upper Canada failed.

1867 Henry Pellatt and E. B. Osler formed a partnership as Stock brokers and accountants.

1867 Canada formed by a confederation of provinces.

1870, May 9 Frederick Mill Pellatt born in Toronto

1872 Record of stillborn child.

1873, Nov. 10. Mill Pellatt born in Toronto.

1876 HMP went to the Upper Canada College for about two months.

1876 US Awards patent to Alexander Graham Bell for the telephone and Gen George A. Custer and 265 men were massacured by Sioux Indians at Little Big Horn, Montana.

1876 At 18  HMP started working at Osler and Pellatt.

cus10007.jpg (36468 bytes)1876 HMP joined F company of the  Queen's Own Rifles.

1876 June 13. Henry elected president of the Toronto Stock Exchange board.

1878, March 14 HMP promoted to rank of corporal of the QOR and Henry elected president of the TSE.

1879 HMP won a mile running race in New York.

1879, May 16. HMP appointed provisional lieutenant.

1879 HMP formed the Electric Light Co.

1879 Electors approved the National Policy of protective tariffs to protect home industries.

1879 Start of the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto. Originally called the West Agricultural Exhibition.

1880, November 26. Promoted to rank of Lieutenant.

1881 Beginning of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

1882, June 15. HMP married Mary Dodgson in Toronto.

1882. Osler left Pellatt organization. Henry elected president of the TSE and HMP elected as member of TSE and Pellatt and Pellatt formed. on July 1.

1883, September 14 promoted to rank of Captain.

1884. First votes for women in Ontario municipal elections. Railway across North America completed and Standard Time adopted.

1885, June 30. HMP's only song Reginald born in Toronto.

1885 Last spike of Canadian Pacific Railway main line driven at Craigallachie, British Columbia.

1887 Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee

1889, May 4 Margaret Dodgson died.

1890 Major-general H.R.H. The Duke of Connaught, passed through Toronto on his way home from India.

1892 Henry retired to Southwood near Orillia. HMP signed a business agreement with Norman Mcrae.

1893, September 14. HMP promoted to rank of Brevet Major.

1895, April 13. HMP promoted to rank of Major.cus10065.jpg (165082 bytes)

1895, March 27. Regiment moved from drill shed behind the St. Lawrence Market to the Armouries on University Avenue.

1896 Merger of the Toronto Electric Light Co and the Toronto Incandescent Electric Light Co.

1896 HMP went to Calgary on an excursion.

1897 Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee celebrated with the QOR Canadian Contingent going to England.

1897 HMP as Major commanded the Colonial Guard of Honour for Queen Victoria in front of St. Paul's Cathedral, London, England.

1898 Toronto City Hall, designed and built by E. J. Lennox officially opened.

1899, October. War declared against Great Britain by the Transvaal and The Orange Free State.







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